VT251: The Race Less Traveled

  • Bristol, RI
Club Bio

If you love running, hiking, snow shoeing, or walking in Vermont, this group has a long-term goal to assist individuals in racing in all of Vermont's 251 towns and cities. Our rules are not as restrictive as other similar groups. For example, you can gain credit for all the towns and cities that a race transits...unless of course you ran some of those locations earlier. Events such as road races, running group/club training trials, trail running events, ragnar relays, walking events, duathlons/triathlons, obstacle/spartan races, and snow shoe trekking all qualify. If you participated in a ragnar relay event, such as the VT100 on 100...just let us know what runner leg you ran and we can determine the towns you passed through. Obviously not every town in Vermont will have a race...so eventually we'll get to the point of holding group challenge runs or relay events so you can build your totals. The VT 251: The Race Less Traveled is not affiliated with The 251 Club of Vermont, and membership in the Group does not confer membership in The 251 Club of Vermont. Individual members shall not use The 251 Club of Vermont’s name in affiliation or association with any particular race. Individual members are welcome to join The 251 Club of Vermont.

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Trail
  • Road
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