• Chapel Hill, NC
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Name and Purpose Name. The name of the organization shall be TrailHeads, Incorporated. It shall be a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of North Carolina. Purpose. TrailHeads, Incorporated is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, civic, community welfare, educational, and scientific purposes. The purposes of this corporation are to: promote the joy of trail running; support the efforts of members to maintain an active and healthy life style; listen, learn and internalize the lessons taught by our natural environment and wilder spaces; and organize and encourage efforts to enhance, extend, and maintain Nature’s reach into the lives of each member of our greater community. We have several weekly runs: Wednesday, 07:00 from Carolina North Forest Gate 1 on Seawell School Road near the railroad tracks, Carrboro Friday, 07:30 from Unity Church, Seawell School Road Saturday, 07:30 from Seawell School, Carrboro Other times through the week depending on who wants to do what. Many of us cycle – road and local trails.

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  • Social
  • Trail
  • Road
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