Teton Trail Runners

  • Jackson Hole, WY
Club Bio

Teton Trail Runners is Jackson Hole's trail running social club! Our weekly run events are open to everyone regardless of running ability. We offer beginner and experienced routes at each event, and we even have a walk with your baby group! We usually always provide water and snacks (cookies & fruit) but thanks to Covid in 2020 we will not be, so please bring your own water, snacks, and supplies. We do run in the wilderness, so pay attention to the weather and plan accordingly. In addition, please bring a mask to wear prior and post-run. Please use good judgment and social distance appropriately during this difficult time Different location each week, so be sure to check the weekly trail run schedule at https://tetontrailrunners.run. Memberships are always optional to participate in group events, but your donations allow us to continue to support the valley. (plus you get some sweet swag).

Club Type
  • Social
  • Trail
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