Team Godspeed

  • Zanesville, OH
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A New Era of Competition - A Racing Team with a Purpose We are taking our passion for health and wellness and giving back to our community. Look at our strategies, and notice that competition falls lower on our list; it is preceded by community outreach. Health fairs, Public schools, Church youth groups, summer track programs, all of these are areas that as a well organized team we can reach out to adults and our future (our children). We aim to make a difference in their health and possibly their eternity. They need us. Obesity among children is epidemic, exercise is being replaced with Play Station and the Couch - and God is being kicked out of everything. Although we will not be preachers on a soapbox we will by definition includes Spiritual Health as fundamental to physical wellbeing, and essential to a truly victorious life. Let’s give our kid’s some tools to be successful in life. There are countless stories of children who grow up and as adults look back and realize things within their childhood years pulled them down or held them back. Lack of a positive role-model, involvement in drugs and alcohol, pregnancy - the list goes on. Success in LIFE! However we have also heard the stories of an individual who also had a less than ideal upbringing who found something - had a mentor, latched on to a sport - and this became medicinal. They may have become very successful in this sport or only very mediocre, but more importantly, this positive role model, this sport, taught them lessons to become successful in LIFE! Yes we are a racing team. But more importantly we are on a mission! We want to reach out to the kids in our community. We want to be role models. We want to talk to them. We want to be there for them. To show them the Narrow Path. The only true path to success.

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