Team BEAST - Burlington Endurance Athlete Sports Team

  • Burlington, IA
Club Bio

Interested in a club for triathlon training, for sports-specific training, or for others to work out with? Whatever the reason, you're at the right place. Team BEAST offers something for all fitness levels. From the beginner who just may want to get or stay in shape to the Ironman competitors, we have something for everyone! Clinics are run regularly on all aspects of the sport. On the other hand, if you're a fairly seasoned athlete who needs little guidance and you just want people to train and go to races with, you'll find them here. Just want to bike and find some friends to do RAGBRAI with? You'll find them here as well! There is something for everyone who enjoys biking, running or swimming. While the support and training provide a fantastic benefit, the instant friendships you gain by joining a group of fun and welcoming fellow athletes is most important of all. We're all about fun and socializing, including various dinners, picnics, and social events. We often go as a group to races, encouraging each other and having a great time. On New Year's Day, some riders will join Bike Burlington for a bike ride, followed by pizza. We also ride with them on their Wednesday Night Dinner Rides. That's just a sampling of what we offer! There is much, much more!

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Road
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