Salisbury Rowan Runners

  • Salisbury, NC
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About Us Salisbury-Rowan Runners (SRR) is a non-profit running club in Salisbury, North Carolina organized solely for the benefit of area runners and walkers. Purpose: To promote running and/or walking as a means of achieving physical and mental fitness; to provide support, encouragement and fellowship through individual, family and community involvement in running-related events; to inform the public of the benefits of running/walking and to participate in community service activities. General Information: Salisbury-Rowan Runners invites anyone with an interest in running/walking to become a member, whether a serious competitor, a casual jogger, a stroller, a race official, a volunteer or a spectator. Salisbury-Rowan Runners offers a place for every pace. The Salisbury-Rowan Runners Club exists to promote general fitness and health within our community by encouraging runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts. Therefore, our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, support the running community and charitable causes by organizing, volunteering, and participating in running events in and around the Salisbury and Rowan County area.

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
  • Road
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