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We are a women's only running group in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas. Our mission is to create a community were women runners can connect with each other to build a more vibrant and involved running experience. Run Grrrls Run is for all ages, skill levels and styles. We come together to share stories, dreams and friendship and the love of the road or trail. Everyone is able to schedule an "Event", i.e group runs in this group. We try to have a mix of road and trail/mountain group runs. Don't let your abilities to run stop you from coming out to our group runs. We usually have a good mix of runners at all levels at our group runs. Please check out the "Files" section for more information. If you need some help I am here for you. Just send me an PM. See you on the road and/or trail :) **UPDATE** In order to keep the integrity and purpose of the reason this group was started, we are now asking that new members lived within in Las Vegas surrounding areas and are referred by a current group member. For those not referred and wishing to join, we have a few questions we will be asking. This is both a precaution to avoid spam requests, as well as if the new member is serious about joining a running group. If you are requesting to join this group (on Facebook), please message your answers to the following questions: 1. Where are you located? 2. How many miles a week are you currently running? 3. Are you an avid runner or are you just starting up? 4. Do you know any current members of this group, and if so,who? 5. What is your main purpose for wanting to join? Thank you all for understanding and as always, we are excited to welcome new members to the group!

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