Phoenix Free Soles

  • Phoenix, AZ
Club Bio

Welcome to the Phoenix Free Soles website. This is our little virtual corner of the world. You can also catch/interact with us on Facebook here. We are a fun loving dedicated group of runners and athletes enjoying our diverse lives while we live them. We have within our club Olympians (2016 Woman’s Marathon), Boston Marathon age group champions, former pro triathletes, Kona qualifiers, more Boston qualifiers than you can shake a stick at, Phoenix Marathon overall Podium finisher, 2:2x, 2:3x, 2:4x, a number of sub 3 hour marathoners, over 100 marathons ran folks, and local race overall & age group winners abound. Most importantly though, we have fun people, and we love running with anyone and everyone. Come on out and run with us any time or invite us to run just about anywhere… odds are we will show up 🙂

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  • Social
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  • Track
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