Orange Runners Club

  • Middletown, NY
Club Bio

The Orange Runners Club (ORC) is a non-profit organization that promotes the sport of running for fitness, competition and socialization. The Club was formed in May of 1980 when Bruce Birnbaum and his running buddies put their heads together with the intent of creating a "connection" between themselves and those runners they so often greeted on the roads. Bruce and John Cummins developed a mailing list and later held a meeting at the Hideaway Tavern in Middletown. As Bruce described it, a "hearty group of 40 people showed up and formed what was to be the nucleus of the club." Now almost 30 years and over 380 members later, the ORC remains committed to supporting and encouraging runners of all ages and levels of experience. You may run to lose weight; achieve or maintain fitness; complete or win road races; enjoy the outdoors in a free and unencumbered way; or experience the inner strength, growth, and higher level of self-esteem that comes from meeting and exceeding your goals. Whatever your reasons, we are ready to share years of combined experiences (and war stories), insight and endless amounts of enthusiasm. We are committed to supporting healthy, injury-free running, and of course, fun.

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
  • Trail
  • Road
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