Oklahoma Cheetah Track Club

  • Tulsa, OK
Club Bio

The Oklahoma Cheetah Track Club is a new branch of the Detroit Cheetah Track Club. The Cheetah Track club was established in 1978 to help inner city youth earn scholarships to college through academic and athletic achievement. In past years, more than 80% of Detroit Cheetah high school seniors earned scholarships to college, helping them to create the lives they dreamed of. In 2018 the founding coach and president, Coach Harry Weaver II, relocated to the Tulsa area and is continuing this great work with Oklahoma Cheetah. Oklahoma Cheetah operates year-round and participates in events sponsored by the USA Track and Field Association. Our purpose is to provide a place to develop high morals, integrity and discipline, while providing student athletes with opportunities to perform in front of top college scouts and further their careers in track and field.

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
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