New York Flyers

  • New York, NY
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Our Mission: Maintain a diverse membership with a commitment to anti-racism Preserve the non-competitive nature of the Club Provide a supportive, nurturing environment, which encourages members to attain their goals Promote friendship and camaraderie through organized social and athletic activities Practice good sportsmanship and uphold the highest ethical standards Foster and facilitate volunteerism in ways that serve our communities Our Founding: The New York Flyers was founded in 1989, with the goal of establishing a running club open to individuals of all athletic abilities and experience levels. We are one of the oldest and largest clubs in New York City, but we take pride in our "small club feel." Members train together, cheer one another on at races, and socialize! We have competitive age-group runners, first-time runners, triathletes, and runners looking to maintain fitness or improve on a PR! Our Activities: Our weekly group runs are a great way to get acquainted with the Flyers in a friendly and social atmosphere. For more focused training, we have a coached marathon training program and speed-work classes that meet throughout the year. We organize long training runs throughout the year, including our popular Three Bridges and Last 10 Miles runs leading up to the NYC Marathon. As enthusiastic as we are about running, we are equally enthused about what we do together off the course. Our active social calendar includes post-run get-togethers, a December holiday party, and our annual awards gala. We also try to work some volunteer activities into the calendar so be on the lookout to give back to the community!

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
  • Road
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