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  • Chattanooga, TN
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Moms RUN This Town |She RUNS This Town was started in March 2011 by Pam Burrus in Georgia. She simply wanted a group of supportive women to run with who understood the demands of being a mother-runner (i.e. running with a stroller, stopping mid-run to nurse, not making it to a run because you were up with a puking kid half the night, etc.) Her intention was simply to find a group of women who would support each other’s passion for running in an inclusive way. Five years ago, she realized this “small little running group” she started had exploded into over 800 chapters around the globe. Many of those chapters had both moms and non-moms in it, so the decision to add “She Runs This Town” to the name was made. Pam had always envisioned the club to welcome all women, so it was an easy decision to add the extra title.

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