Milwaukee Running Group

  • Milwaukee, WI
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IMG_5585We are a group of Milwaukee runners of all ages and abilities who run together, have fun together, and share our personal successes together. We are a diverse group, we run all distances and speeds, and we like to motivate our fellow runners to achieve their goals – both running and personal. We run all year long no matter the temperature or weather. Runs are scheduled for every day of the week. We generally like to run along the Milwaukee lake front. We often do trail runs on weekends at parks in southeast Wisconsin. We get together for social events, parties, picnics, Packer games, campouts, trips to races in far away places, tours, movie nights, dinner nights, and more. There is something for everyone. Check out our Join page for details on becoming a member. Dues: You DO NOT need to pay dues to come to a run. Ever. Running is free. But, when you discover the many benefits of the group you can support OMG by paying annual dues, a measly $5 a year, which is insanely low, and less than you spend on coffee most days.

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  • Social
  • Trail
  • Road
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