IV Women Runners

  • Peru, IL
Club Bio

A (FREE!) loosely organized running group for any woman who'd like to run in a group. All women, all levels welcome! This group was started as an open group to INCLUDE, ENCOURAGE & SUPPORT ALL women runners, regardless of ability, goals & how often you're able to run! We run intervals for most of our runs (for example, 2:30/1 = 2:30 minutes of running at your own pace, followed by 1:00 minute of walking, repeated throughout the course). During the walk intervals everyone turns around & walks back to the very last person in the group. This way we all begin each run interval together & NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND! (for those in front, you luckily get in a little bit longer workout). We run several times a week. Just show up! (time & location subject to change based on group's desires - updates will be posted) Run at your own risk!!! So, dust off those running shoes & come join us! All women, all levels welcome!

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Road
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