HIP Athletic Association

  • Palatine, IL
Club Bio

HIP stands for Hoffman, Inverness, Palatine Athletic Association. It also includes Barrington, Arlington, etc...but HIP was the coolest acronym we could think of. This club is trying to replicate another club in Lake Forest where 25-100 people show up every Saturday morning rain or shine. There is a brief announcement, then people walk, jog, run or bike for an hour or less then meet afterwards for coffee and bagels. People of all abilities are welcome. The thought behind HIP is to make you feel comfortable whether you are just starting off OR a seasoned athlete. Whether you are a walker, runner or just like to drink coffee. We meet at various times and routes around Palatine, etc.. However, our main run is every Saturday at 8am. Each route has a 2,3,4,5 or 6 mile choice for you to do. Again you can walk or run - you choose. Just be back by 9 so you can meet the group for coffee. A lot of people meet earlier to go longer. Also, if you just happen to show up a little late, the route is usually posted on facebook or email. To start out, post if you are going to show up at the event that is created each week :) In the future, post if you are doing a race, looking for someone to walk, run or bike midweek etc.. FYI, HIP's motto is Life is not a Spectator Sport. Another less diplomatic way to say it is Get your butt off the couch and do something :)

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Road
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