Galloway NYC Running Club

  • New York, NY
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The Galloway NYC Running Club is a friendly and inclusive group that follows the run-walk-run training method, specifically designed to help runners of all fitness levels, ages, and paces complete a half or full marathon without injury. Total beginners can complete a marathon or half-marathon at the end of the training season by adhering to Jeff’s unique approach. Experienced runners can rediscover the joy of running and even achieve new PRs! Our training program establishes a run/walk ratio at the start of the season, which enables participants to go the distance while remaining healthy and injury-free. The program requires just three runs per week: two 30-minute runs and one long group run on the weekend. Weekend runs safely increase in distance from 3 to 26 miles over the 6-month season for those preparing for a fall marathon (up to 14 miles for half-marathoners) by adding only 10% in length from week to week. Regular "magic miles" help to estimate race pace for all distances and ensure members are running the appropriate pace and ratio. The program boasts a 99% success rate! ​ The run-walk-run method allows the legs to refresh themselves throughout endurance events. This is beneficial for new runners, older runners, heavy runners, and experienced runners recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions... as well as more competitive runners who want to have fun while running, improve their pace, and enjoy a speedier recovery after their workouts. Galloway NYC is recognized by both New York Road Runners (NYRR) and NYCRuns as a local running club and Galloway training programs and clubs are organized in cities around the world. Members are always welcome to run with other Galloway groups while traveling and the NYC club often has out-of-town visitors! As a member of Galloway NYC, you will run with teammates who are training for a several goal races including: the NYC Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, and countless local and destination half-marathons around the world.

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