Flagstaff Ultrarunning Club

  • Flagstaff, AZ
Club Bio

Flagstaff Ultrarunning Club is Flagstaff’s premier group for long-distance runs in the San Francisco Peaks (7000 ft – 12,000ft +) and the Grand Canyon. The club is free and organizes a few free events throughout the year including the Mormon Lake 50 miler, the King of the Peaks 55K, the Elden Quad Buster 10K and the Elden Vertical Challenge. As of 2015, the club has over 350 members from various levels living in town and across the country. Flagstaff Ultrarunning is home of some serious elite ultrarunners such as Rob Krar, Jason Wolfe, Eric Bohn, Brian Tinder, Jacob Puzey, Ian Torrence and Emily Harrison among others. The club is currently managed by Scott Bajer and Ludo Pierson.

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Trail
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