First Urbana-Champaign Hash House Harriers

  • Champaign, IL
Club Bio

The FUCH3rs are dedicated not to the long trails, cold wind, and flat terrain of central Illinois, but to drinking, singing, and searching trails for shiggy! Most of our trails start and finish at a bar in Champaign or Urbana, but sometimes it'll be at a park or someone's house. Please be prepared for running and standing outdoors in whatever weather exists that day. Bring enough clothing to not get cold or arrested, old running shoes, an ID, and the hash cash for the day - usually $5, but virgins (first-timers) Hash for free! We aren't in the business of giving alcohol to minors, so please don't put us in the position of saying no. The first time you come to a hash look for a bunch of runners at the bar and introduce yourself, we're all friendly (except for that one guy). Our events start with a good amount of standing, drinking, and complaining about how shitty the last trail was and how horrible today's will be (the trail starts 30 minutes after the posted start time). After a quick introduction of our fellow hashers and the symbols of the trail (called the "Chalk Talk") we'll run to the Beer* Checks, then on to the Circle. In the Circle we'll discuss the trail, call out misbehavior, and drink more beer*. The whole event can take 2-4+ hours depending on the trail and how drunk Lone Wanker is during Circle. * We almost always have hard cider/seltzer and water available as well.

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Road
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