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  • Baltimore, MD
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The miles seem to go by faster when you’re running with someone. So just think how much faster they will go when you join our outrageously good looking group of runners. Here’s the deal. It’s free. It’s for everyone. And it meets every Monday at 6:30pm at Federal Hill Fitness on 39 E. Cross Street. Here’s how we start off every run: We pass around a bag for your keys, phones, and anything else that jangles. We then put it behind the front desk at the Federal Hill Fitness so it’s all safe. We’ll mention any announcements, some key races coming up and the rules of the fitness center. Then everyone everyone introduces themselves (just their name and if they are new) and says their approximate pace (e.g 8 minute miles). If you don’t know, just say fast, medium, or slow. Use your outdoor voice. If you’re new, we pair you up with someone approximately your pace so they can show your the course. We follow a basic course that is about 4.7 miles. The faster folks add additional mileage and if you’re not quite feeling it, you can turn around sooner. We all end up back at Federal Hill Fitness around 7:15ish. There is always a water cooler and cups available. Then some people go out afterward for drinks/dinner. Doesn’t that sound a lot better than what you’re doing now? We’ll see you there. If you’re new, be sure to introduce yourself to the organizers (usually Ryan McGrath, James Dubose, or Susan Kim who will be standing next to the water cooler and key bag) and one of them will help match you up. Finally, if you know of anyone who likes to run, pass along this link. Or better yet, Like us on facebook, tweet about us, or be Old School and just bring them with you.

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Road
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