C & C Runners

  • Roanoke, VA
Club Bio

The purpose of the team is to support each other in our pursuit of fitness, offering an outlet for our passion of running, walking, biking, hiking, any sport and an active lifestyle. At C&C Runners we’re a family of runners who believe in supporting the fastest runner to the slowest runner. As Vince Lombardi once said “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” This is one of our core values. Do you enjoy running? Do you like social running? C&C runners may be the group you’re looking for. We’re one of the only running clubs in SW Virginia that doesn’t charge dues or any type of fees. Becoming a member of C&C Runners is FREE and there are no restrictions/criteria to join. We accept everyone regardless of pace or ability level. Whether you run, walk or just like being active within our community we will encourage and support you throughout your endeavors. We have members near and far (even overseas). Pets are also welcome! Feel free to have your pets wear our colors and to join us when possible. The only requirement is that your pet likes to run and enjoys running with us whatever the distance They too can be classified as a C&C Runner Pet. The main things we stress as C&C members are being there for each other no matter what, through good times and bad, to support and strengthen the group as a whole. Let’s get better together!

Club Type
  • Social
  • Trail
  • Road
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