501 Running Club

  • Northville, MI
Club Bio

501 Running Club is a diverse group of committed, local endurance runners who train year-round – through the crazy Michigan weather – for a wide range of races from local 5k’s to trail ultras. What makes 501 special is the camaraderie among all types of runners that has resulted in many lasting friendships formed over the years. Our goal is to promote the sport of endurance running in a supportive environment that celebrates both the individual achievements and collective success as a team. Any Pace, Any Distance, Any Terrain You will find all kinds of runners in 501: competitive runners who are chasing their next personal records (PRs), some of whom have qualified for and participated in the Boston Marathon; runners whose primary focus is to simply enjoy the sport of running; and those who come to 501 looking to improve their health with the support of a running group. Some of us prefer to go all out on 5k’s and 10k’s while others have challenged themselves on various ultra distances. While most of our runners tend to stay on the road and solid pavement, a good handful of 501’rs have found their happy place on trails. In recent years, some 501’rs have become triathletes, racing everything from a sprint distance to full Ironman. Whatever your pace, distance, or terrain, 501 will have a winning formula for you.

Club Type
  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Trail
  • Road
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