Your Pace or Mine Running Club

  • Rochester Hills, MI
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"What is YPOM's purpose?" The philosophy of the Your Pace or Mine Running Club is to make training runs more enjoyable and to provide support, encouragement and advice to both new and experienced runners of all abilities "What is your club's history?" YPOM started at the North Oakland YMCA in 2007, where the initial group of 4 members joined together to run twice a week. As the club began to slowly grow, we split from the YMCA. Through friends, chance encounters, Google searches, the number of members exploded. Through this growth we have maintained our reputation as a highly friendly and supportive group. Waiting at the finish and cheering on until the last member has finished, be it at a race or on a training run is a tradition. As is our cheering and supporting of all runners at races, whether they are club members or not. "I'm training for my first Marathon/Half Marathon/5K and am looking for help and motivation." You've come to the right place. A safe estimate is that at least half of our members have run their initial longest race after joining our club. Following a training plan can be grueling and difficult. On your own it is easy to skip runs because it is cold or hot or windy or gloomy or just unmotivated. Running with a club or a training partner will not reduce the effort, but it will get you out the door. And since we've already experienced training for that first marathon and dealing with an injury, there is plenty you can learn. "What are your members like?" Ask around, we have a very favorable reputation in the running community. Most of us are never going to win a race, or even place in our age group. All that matters is that we have fun and improve ourselves. "When and where are your group runs?" The only set scheduled run is our Thursday night Pub Runs. These start at 6pm on the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester (most run between 3 and 6 miles) and after the run we head over to O'Connor's Public House for food and drink. (O'Connor's gives our members their second domestic drink free!) Normally there also are group runs on Saturday and Sunday morning. These runs can vary in starting time and location. Most are on the Paint Creek Trail, but we also run at Stony Creek, The Macomb Orchard Trail, and The Polly Ann Trail. The forum and our Facebook page are used to post upcoming runs, check there for information.

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
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