Wampanoag Road Runners

  • North Attleboro, MA
Club Bio

The Wampanoag Road Runners were established in 1984, circa the era of light blue, 2-piece “tracksuits’’ with coordinating head and wrist sweatbands. Energy gels and bars were nowhere to be found and running with music meant balancing a 30 pound boombox on your shoulder. Now, 36 years later, many of the founding fathers, donning tech-wick clothing, are still running strong amongst the mighty and many road, track and trailrunners. Together, they have continued to help this Club grow. As if an active running club loaded with diverse abilities from casual to elite wasn’t enough, enter, The Bettys. In 2006, the addition of a full compliment of female runners, and a few “skorts” were added. The Bettys merged with the existing group of competitive and casual women athletes of the Wampanoag Road Runners... and an even stronger Club was formed. Today, The “Wamps” and “ The Bettys” can be found running all over New England and beyond. The Wampanoag Road Runners offer a variety of benefits to those who join the Club: Weekday and Weekend Group Runs Track Workouts-during Spring and Summer Racing Season Training options from 5k through Ultra Marathoning Continually Updated Website Limited Number of Boston Marathon Entries Discounts from local businesses Summer Bash and Christmas Party Training Partners Galore WHAT'S A WAMP? This is probably the most often asked question of any member of the Wampanoag Road Runners. What’s a WAMP? Of course, it’s short for Wampanoag, but what it really means is being a part of a Club that commits to meet new challenges, share in volunteerism, enjoy incredibly fun, social engagements and other fitness and non-fitness based activities throughout the year, and yes... RUN!

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
  • Trail
  • Road
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