The Heat Track Club

  • Kennesaw, GA
Club Bio

Mission Statement The Mission of The Heat is to motivate the athlete to aspire to achieve leadership, discipline and integrity through the sport of track and field. The Heat is a community-based program that operates under the guidelines of the Cobb County Youth Track League (CCYTL), Georgia Recreation and Parks Association (GRPA), United States Association of Track and Field (USATF), and the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU). There are two track seasons, Spring and Summer. During the spring season, athletes ages 6-15 participate in the Cobb County Youth Track League (CCYTL) and Georgia Recreation and Parks Association (GRPA). During the summer season, the club participates in local, regional, and national meets with AAU or USATF. This part of the season is open to athletes under the age of 18. The Heat trains developmental as well as elite athletes. Club President, Blane Williams declares, "We do not recruit, we work with athletes who register with our club and come to practice on our home track and campus at Kell High School ready to work and to commit to doing their best. If they have the desire and ability to be national champions, we have the vehicle to take them as far as they are able to go. Many athletes have been able to go to college either fully or partially paid for through Track and Field". Club Status The Heat is a self-governing, self-supporting organization not affiliated with any school program. The club is comprised of 100% volunteer staff of parents and coaches who promote and support youth track.

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  • Social
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  • Track
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