Running Medicine

  • Albuquerque, NM
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Who We Are Running Medicine is based on the understanding that running and exercise is a beautiful and potent medicine for mind, body, and spirit. Formed as a program of the Native Health Initiative (NHI), our vision is to create a culture of wellness through a supportive, loving community. Core Values of RM - Inclusive to all people, all fitness and ability levels - Provide high quality, individualized coaching to all participants at minimal cost - Loving community where everyone supports each other’s wellness - Intergenerational – youth, elders and everyone in between! - Emphasize the elements of “fun” and “play” in all that we do together - Cultural, mental and spiritual aspects of running/walking will be emphasized - Sustainability – our goal is zero waste - Outreach to local communities and efforts to create cultures of wellness Also have a youth Track and Field program in the spring. How to Join RM Email us at

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  • Social
  • Track
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  • Road
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