Lightning Spikes Track Club

  • Lawrenceville, GA
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The Lightning Spikes Track Club (LSTC) is located in Gwinnett County and has been in existence since August 2008. LSTC is an organization that provides track and field opportunities for youth, ages 6-18. Exceptional athletic ability is not a prerequisite for membership and there are no tryouts; however, membership does require full commitment from parents and athletes. Opportunity for competition is provided but the emphasis is on setting personal goals and training/conditioning to attain those goals. ​ OUR MISSION To be a leading track and field club, providing an environment to develop young athletes into elite performers while teaching them the importance of education, character, hard work, commitment and integrity as they mature into life. OUR VISION To use track and field as a forum to develop our athletes through Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Drive. Through these development objectives, our athletes will be equipped with the tools that are essential to building character, instilling a commitment of excellence and becoming outstanding citizens now and in the future. OUR GOAL LSTC’s goals are to encourage and help young people to develop physically, emotionally and socially through their involvement in track and field. They will improve their physical conditioning as they learn the fundamentals of track and field. They will build a positive self-image as they recognize their individual achievements. They will be part of a team that encourages and promotes the development of friendships, support and encouragement of fellow athletes, good sportsmanship and a good time. The coaches and administrators of LSTC will work to instill the Club’s core values in each of our athletes which are: - We believe that hard work can be fun - We believe in the building of character - We believe in the spirit of healthy competition - We believe in the positive influence of athletics - We believe that teamwork helps individuals grow - We believe in developing the leaders of tomorrow - We believe that sportsmanship is a winning attribute For more information about LSTC, please contact:

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