Flash Athletics Track Club

  • Suwanee, GA
Club Bio

Flash Athletics Track Club is a nationally recognized youth track club located in Suwanee, GA. Kids from ages 5 to 18 compete in meets locally and nationally. Our program will offer basically three seasons, Spring/Summer (Feb-July) for all ages, Summer (May-July) for our High School age students and Speed and Agility (Feb-June). We seek to make Flash Athletics a family and community based program which is both affordable and available to all ages. Flash Athletics Track Club is committed to excellence and dedicated to developing Champions for Life. Flash Athletics Objectives: * To foster strong minds and bodies. * To create and maintain an enjoyable and productive training environment. * To encourage athletes to learn, train, and compete at their highest level of achievement. * To maximize opportunities for athlete's to participate in a quality program with special attention paid to their educational growth and physical welfare. * To provide the atmosphere for participants to realize the importance of others, personal dignity, individual rights and the value of cooperative teamwork * To attain personal and team goals. * To encourage the motivation and commitment necessary for academic success. * To foster the highest standards of ethical conduct, fair play and sportsmanship.

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  • Social
  • Competitive
  • Track
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